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Top Crypto News Today: Cardano Testnet “Catastrophically” Broken? Cardano Ecosystem Developer Adam Dean Clarifies!

Top Crypto News Today: Cardano Vasil & Testnet Update

The crypto ecosystem is developing itself every day to solve more problems and cater to larger use cases. Some major tokens that are dominating the headlines in 2022 are Ethereum, for its Merge and Cardano for its Vasil hard fork among various other tokens like Polygon (MATIC), Bitcoin, Solana and so on. 

Cardano has been one of the most hyped up projects in the crypto space, but the crypto asset has had a tough going. Along with a drop in ADA Price, the Cardano crypto has been facing some follow up questions from the crypto community due to its delaying Vasil hard fork and Testnet. According to the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, who is looking to put the controversy regarding the Vasil Hard Fork update to an end; the issues surrounding the Cardano Vasil hard fork have been “incredibly corrosive and damaging”.


Cardano Vasil Hard Fork is the next step in its plan to improve upon the speed and scalability of the network. This essentially brings the project one more step closer to dethroning the largest smart contract and DeFi platform out there – Ethereum. With this latest upgrade, Cardano’s developers hope to improve the efficiency of smart contracts to make Cardano cheaper and faster to use.

Why is this such a momentous occasion? Well, because it will be tackling two of the biggest issues that a blockchain network faces when it become popular. Network congestion and fees. Ethereum is already having a tough time with it, with gas fees skyrocketing beyond all acceptable levels and that is what Cardano is trying to solve and get ahead of.

Cardano’s smart contract capabilities launch saw intense traffic coming on the chain with a huge number of developers wanting to build DeFi protocols on the chain. As blockchains get busier, speeds typically slow down and fees increase. So the Vasil Hard Fork is expected to solve this two pronged issue at once.

Now, on 3 July, 2022 – IOHK, the software engineering and technology company behind the Cardano project announced that Cardano’s testate was successfully hard forked, taking the first definitive step towards the success of the Vasil Hard Fork.

Latest Update on the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork

Following the delayed events leading up to the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has continued to deny the claims that the Cardano’s testnet is “catastrophically broken,”. Crypto enthusiasts are of the opinion that this denial may lead the founder to accept and imply the need to finally move forward with the long-delayed Vasil hard fork. 

According to a piece of CoinTelegraph news, following the Twitter thread on Friday, from one of the Cardano ecosystem developers, Adam Dean, Charles Hoskinson shared his frustration concerning some of the videos claiming Cardano’s testnet has a “catastrophic” issue. In his tweet, Adam Dean claimed that the testnet is “catastrophically broken” due to an undiscovered bug in Cardano’s Node v 1.35.2 which creates incompatible forks. This said bug has somehow managed to slip under the radar of the previous testing.

Therefore, to deal with the ‘catastrophic’ bug, Cardano released its new client software, Cardano Node v1.35.3, on two separate testnets. Following the release of the software, Adam has argued that because the majority of operators upgraded to v1.35.2 to simulate the Vasil hard fork, v1.35.3 is also “incompatible and incapable of syncing” with the original testnet, and the two testnets are “without a block history.” To this, Charles Hoskinson shared that the coding issue found on that node version had been removed in the 1.35.3 update. This also implied further delay to the already delayed Cardano Vasil Hard Fork.

Charles Hoskinson said, “We of course could as a community delay the launch of Vasil for a few months to retest code that’s already been tested a dozen times and is already running. Is that worth it to all the DApp developers who have been waiting for this update for almost a year now?

During an AMA on Friday, Hoskinson mentioned that there has been some unfair narratives going around the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork which can be corrosive to the blockchain. He also commented on the AMA, “You can’t conflate a failed testnet with the mainnet because testnets are constructed and destroyed all the time in this industry. That’s their point. They are in no way, in any way harm Cardano itself. The features are there, they’ve worked, they’ve been tested thoroughly, and there’s a high degree of confidence in them. There’s no reason for it not to get over the finish line imminently.”

Cardano is currently standing at $0.45 with a 10.75% spike in trading volume!

Source: CoinTelegraph

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