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This Week on Crypto Twitter: From DoJ scare to SBF’s spreadsheet – this week belonged to the memes!

In this brand new series, we at CoinDCX want to keep you abreast of everything that has been happening on Twitter, crypto and everything in between. The third week of 2023 has been in a whirlwind of activity – primarily led by strong positive action coming out of the crypto market. The past week we saw all major heavyweight cryptos lending into the rally that resulted in the overall crypto market cap touching the coveted value of $1 trillion once again.


The week began in a more or less uneventful manner, except for the king coin, Bitcoin continuing its strong rally over the $20,000 mark and the overall crypto market cap breaking past the $950 billion mark and edging closer to the $1 trillion mark!


On Tuesday – Maria Shen – an investor at the popular crypto venture capital firm Electric Capital took to Twitter to share some deep and positive insights regarding the crypto market as a whole. In the post, she talked about some of the key takeaways from the company’s fourth annual Developer Report. And from the looks of it, the budding blockchain developer space has shown consistent and continued growth throughout the year 2022, despite the raging bear market in that year.

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Wednesday was a day that resulted in some spooks in the market. This was the day that began with some forewarning regarding a ‘international crypto action’ by the US Department of Justice. This seemed to have spooked the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, more commonly known as CZ – that he turned to Twitter to post a very cryptic tweet (oh yes, strong pun!). But it was simply a link to one of its older tweets from the beginning of the year appealing to people to ignore FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), fake news and attacks etc.

But as it turns out, it was simply the DOJ taking quote-unquote “strict action” against a little known Chinese crypto exchange called Bitzlato – that quickly became the butt of many a memes and laughs on Twitter.

Apparently, this tiny crypto exchange at that point in time had about $11,000 worth of wallets with them and at its peak had about $6 million. And crypto Twitter went to town!

Crypto Twitter was on a rampage, and there was no end to it.


The announcement early in the day did spook the market resulted in some losses on the crypto prices front, but soon after the announcement was released – crypto prices quickly recovered back to usual levels. Fun day!

On this day, Sam Bankman-Fried or more commonly known as SBF – the disgraced founder of the once-third largest crypto exchange by volume – FTX – again took to express his flair for the written word, this time on a spreadsheet! On his substack newsletter that he started earlier this year – SBF outlined that FTX U.S “was and is solvent, likely with hundreds of millions of dollars in excess of customer balances.”

On this day, we also saw news coming out from the battle brewing up between Winklevoss brothers’ led Gemini crypto exchange and the cash-strapped Genesis crypto lender. Turns out, now Genesis is preparing to become the latest from the crypto world to file for Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy code.

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Within hours of SBF posting his spreadsheet containing details to the operation of the US subsidiary of his crypto exchange – FTX, people went to town again and memes again began trending on crypto Twitter.

But SBF carried on with his tirade despite all the criticism against him and firmly claiming that the US subsidiary of his crypto exchange, FTX – was still solvent and that the exchange should be turned back on.

Immediately after this, we saw a major spike in FTT price, the native token of the FTX crypto exchange amid the speculations of a possible reboot of the now shuttered crypto exchange.


The week came to a close with a very positive surprise for one tiny miner on the Bitcoin network. Beating once-in-a-lifetime odds – a small miner with a humble setup that had an output of hardly 10 terahashes was able to land a block and win the reward of 6.25 BTC! This was a jackpot as 6.25 BTC as of writing this article is worth a little over $140,000!

Quite a day indeed!

On the same day, German luxury car brand, Porsche announced the mint price of its 7,500 piece NFT collection to celebrate its most iconic sports car of all time, the Porsche 911. Aptly priced at 0.911 ETH, it’s worth a little less than $1500 according to latest Ethereum prices.

Online crypto news publication took to Twitter to list out some of the biggest bankrupt crypto companies between 2022-2023. A handy guide to the result of the bear markets of 2022.


The weekend went by relatively in an uneventful manner, while at the same time we saw the overall crypto market cap surge once again to touch the milestone of the $1 trillion mark after a little less than three months – and at the same time scripting a 34% jump in the overall crypto market cap in the three weeks since the beginning of the year.

Total Crypto Market Cap | Source: Tradingview

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