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Top Crypto News Today: Polygon to now power a blockchain based police complaint system in India

Top Crypto News Today: Polygon to now power a blockchain based police complaint system in India

Polygon has been making huge strides across the Indian landscape, trying to gain more adoption by working on real world issues that can be resolved using the blockchain technology. Just earlier this year in March 2022 – the government of Maharashtra began to use the blockchain technology to issue caste certificates in the state. This was being done in an attempt to reduce the scope of corruption in the process and also at the same time make it more seamless for those actually deserving of those certificates.

As a part of the Digital India campaign, the Maharashtra government in partnership with LegitDoc issued caste certificates over the Polygon blockchain network to citizens residing in the Etapalli village in Gadchiroli district.

In the same vein, Polygon has partnered with the police department in the city of Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh to launch a new police complaint or a First Information Report (FIR) portal for citizens where complaints can be filed on the blockchain to ensure no tampering can be done and make it easier for the city’s 2.8 million strong population to report crimes.

Co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal shared that this was something that was very close to his heart and would be a ‘game changer in ensuring right to justice’ because the use of blockchain technology in this service would ensure that reports cannot be manipulated or denied by lower-level cops within the system.

Nailwal also thanked the police commissioner in charge, IPS Ashish Tiwari is undertaking this move to ensure equitable justice by ‘going beyond the call of duty’ to implement and innovate with the help of modern technology. This has been picked up by many others in the crypto community as a welcome move as it would undoubtedly bring about an openness in people to adopt blockchain more into their own lives.

Every new technology serves a very important place, and this is how blockchain is making small yet important headway into becoming a more and more important part of our lives. E-governance is something that is being more openly talked about in the public forum, that began with the issuance of the caste certificates in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli.

Recent reports have also shown other countries like Singapore and Malta have implemented similar e-governance initiatives to bring modernity to the process and make it work for the people. The use of blockchain technology like this brings true democratization in citizen services. Crypto-native people from India have wholeheartedly supported the move.

Polygon has been partnering with multiple organizations at a rapid pace to bring about innovation in real-world everyday problems and trying to solve them through blockchain technology. Just about a week ago on 6 October, Polygon announced it partnership with the Ocean Conservation Exploration & Education Foundation (OCEEF) to promote ocean literacy through interactive, entertaining, and creative ways to engage people and make people aware of deep underwater missions.

Source: Cointelegraph.

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