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Daily Crypto News Dec 19, 2021: Top 3 crypto updates for today

Crypto News

W‎hile every day new cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks are taking birth, the mainstream networks are still everyone’s favorite. In the past few months, Mastercard has shown its inclination towards cryptocurrency and is again in the news for the same. It has built an Ethereum scaling solution with ConsenSys. This rollup promises scalability as well as privacy. Read more about it in detail below. 

Ambire, a multichain DeFi wallet goes live on mainnet. The last stage of the stress testing was completed for the device and it has finally gone public. The early bird users definitely have an upper hand along with various advantages. Read more on it below. 

2021 has definitely been the year of NFTs. With so many NFTs selling for millions another NFT has made it to the headlines. It was the first Wikipedia-related NFT that sold for $750K. Wondering what the NFT was? Read below in detail. 

Quick Crypto News Roundup! 

Daily Crypto News  Dec 19, 2021

ConsenSys builds an Ethereum scaling Solution with Mastercard 

ConsenSys is all ready to launch a zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup solution with Mastercard. This rollup shall focus on offering privacy as well as scalability which in turn will facilitate 10,000 transactions every second on private chains. 

In the last few months, Mastercard has shown incredible inclination towards cryptocurrency and the latest happenings show its support towards the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum. The ConsenSys rollup can be easily used on the Ethereum mainnet or Quorum firm’s private blockchain network. 

Read more about the scaling solution built by ConsenSys with Mastercard

Source: Cryptobriefing 

Ambire, multi-chain DeFi wallet goes live 

The multi-chain defi wallet launches the public version and is now open to registrations. Early birds can now participate in the same lucrative liquidity mining program. This program shall witness hundreds of millions of wallet tokens within the reward pool. 

Ambire wallet is a unique decentralized wallet that has been tailored for the use of various DApps. It has now finally been taken public. All the testing of the Beta version of this wallet is complete. The last stage of the stress testing saw more than 5000 wallets participating in the same. 

Read more on Ambire wallet and all the perks it has for early bird users. 

Source: Utoday 

First Wikipedia edit, sells for $750K as NFT on Christie’s 

Wikipedia continues to create history. It completed 20 years since its inception in January 2021. However, the new record set by Wikipedia is the sale of its first non-fungible token (NFT) that portrayed its first-ever edit on Christie’s. On Wednesday, two auctions of projects related to Wikipedia were conducted. The NFT of Wikipedia’s first edit sold for a whopping $750K while the Strawberry iMAC that was used by Jimmy whales, founder of Wikipedia to create the same sold for $187500. 

Read more in detail about the Wikipedia NFTs and the attention they garnered on the auction platform. 

Source: Cointelegraph

Crypto Market Trend December 19, 2021 

Here is a quick summary of the top crypto gainers and losers for the day. 

Top 3 Crypto Gainers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (latest by December 19, 2021)  Change in % 
Terra (LUNA) ₹5829.83 13.09%
Decentraland (MANA) ₹276.52 8.51%
Hedra Hashgraph (HBAR) ₹24.27 13.81%

*Prices are latest by 12 PM, December 19, 2021. *

Top 3 Crypto Losers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by December 19,  2021)  Change in % 
Sushi (SUSHI) ₹442.98 4.75%
Ziliqa (ZIL) ₹5.01 3.17%
Helium (HNT) ₹2581.28 5.59%

*Prices are latest by 12 PM, December 19, 2021. *

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