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CoinDCX Launches OKTO: The Best DeFi Options Accessible In a Single Web3 App

CoinDCX Launches OKTO: The Best DeFi Options Accessible In a Single Web3 App

On 26 August, 2022 at the Unfold 2022 event – CoinDCX has launched the best solution to the pertaining Web3 problem of interoperability! A continued step towards making things easy for You, the consumer.

Presenting, Okto – The Power of DeFi now in your pocket! 

Access thousands of tokens from multiple DEXs across chains and discover high yield generating opportunities on your mobile! You are just one click away from an array of DeFi options available in the market!

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What makes this app your best DeFi App? Our wallet mimics intelligence with a key-less self-custody wallet with a native interface that helps investors smartly explore consolidated investment opportunities across blockchains. 

Okto provides solutions for all interoperability challenges with a single wallet for all things DeFi.

Gone are the days when you had to track multiple crypto wallets, track your transactions separately, all while trying to draw P&L statements from multiple platforms. On Okto, you can now track all your investments, across all different previously incompatible chains seamlessly and easily.

Okto provides you the opportunity to do all that and more! Get access to DeFi using just one single app. The best part? You can now earn more out of your crypto investments by leveraging them in high yield generating pools. Our revolutionary MPC technology makes it nearly improbable for hackers to compromise our platform, by removing any single point of failure. With our seamless user interface on OKTO, you can now Easily navigate DeFi with keyless access. 

It does not end there! Using Okto, you can aggregate all your investments and assets across multiple chains simultaneously on the same platform. 

And best of all, Okto is built on CoinDCX‘s DNA of being simple, secure and compliant.


Key features of Okto wallet

  1. Easy to use
  2. Full control of assets in the hands of the user
  3. No single point of failure
  4. Fully compliant to industry standards

Join the waitlist here today!

Joining the Okto community has other benefits too! You can refer others to join the community and become an early adopter of our app to win BNB airdrops worth over $100,000 worth of BNB up for grabs!

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