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Why did Filecoin (FIL) token fall over 30% in the past week?


Filecoin is a blockchain network that works as a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital storage marketplace. It is built on the IPFS or the InterPlanetary File System and enables users to rent out unused hard disk space to earn FIL tokens in return.

This platform also enables other people who are in need of extra storage space to purchase that for a fee through a decentralized system on the Filecoin network. Thus, instead having to depend on a single centralized company with important data – it can be split up and stored on different computers across the world ensuring higher security.

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FIL/USD | Source: Tradingview

As is evident from the chart above, Filecoin’s native crypto token, FIL has been under a lot of bearish pressures and it has succumbed to it too. FIL price is trading at its all-time-lows – and is creating new ATLs on the daily in the currently raging bear market. It is below any and all meaningful levels of support on the charts and is following a strong downward trend too, as is depicted by the diagonal yellow trendline on the chart. As mentioned earlier, the months of November and December have been exceptionally difficult for this particular token and things seem to be getting worse going further.

From a technical point of view – FIL price is trading below the last significant support level, which has now turned into a resistance level of around $4.7-$5. This zone would now be extremely difficult for FIL price to break out of. Alongside that, it is also trading below the 50 and 200 day moving averages and the Relative Strength Index as of writing is also below 30, and touched sub 25 levels in the recent past too. Such a low RSI could indicate some oversold zone pullback but also the current price level could sustain too.


FIL Social Dominance | Source: Santiment

Despite extremely bearish technicals on the price chart, FIL’s social dominance seems to be improving drastically. Filecoin’s social dominance is at an year-to-date high as is depicted on the chart above, according to data from Santiment. This indicates there has been a substantial increase in the internet chatter about this particular crypto project.

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FIL Weighted Sentiment | Source: Santiment

To further add on to the observation made above – the weighted sentiment for the Filecoin crypto project is also in the positive zone, which came in tandem with the major spike in the social dominance of the token. This indicates that a larger portion of the social volume and chatter is on the positive side and indicates that some pullback could quickly occur in the token.

Weighted sentiment is an indicator that measures positive and negative social volumes and displays it in a charted format. A major spike in either direction indicates that there is increasing social volumes – however a positive figure indicates that the chatter is largely positive while a negative spike indicates increase in negative chatter.


FIL Development Activity | Source: Santiment

FIL’s development activity is also holding very strong despite the extremely poor price action as discussed above. Infact, in the last two months alone, FIL’s development activity has noted a significant jump of nearly 200% at the local highs before receding slightly. This indicates that the developers behind the project are active and improvements to the project will be timely and predictable and thus better for the overall project.


Thus in conclusion, judging from the on-chain metrics we discussed about, ranging from improving social dominance and weighted sentiment and a very optimistic looking development activity – things on the fundamental front looks quite positive for the Filecoin ecosystem. However, on the flip side, technical factors are weighing in heavily on the bearish side, with prices touching all-time-lows on the chart. Hence while the project and its use cases remain strong and unique, investors need to be careful and do a lot of research and keep risk management in mind before investing in FIL at the current juncture.

Prices as on 21 December, 2022.

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