January 6, 2021

DCX Learn partners with Zubi

Snapshot: DCX Learn partners with Zubi to launch a cryptocurrency and blockchain course. Zubi is a Tech-ed platform aiming to bridge the gap between the industry […]
January 5, 2021

YOYO/BTC Pump and Dump | An Incident Report

A recent pump and dump scheme using YOYOBTC led CoinDCX to investigate the incident in complete detail. This blog describes the entire incident to educate all the members of the crypto community.
December 24, 2020

CoinDCX’mas: Win Prizes Worth ₹10 lakh & free NFT’s this Christmas!

This year CoinDCX brings you DCXmas. A week full of fun filled activities and amazing rewards! Collect all the NFT tokens, solve the hidden sections in the crossword and win big.
December 22, 2020

Announcing our $13.9 Million Series B Funding Round

CoinDCX is extremely delighted to announce that it has raised $13.9 Millon with investors DG, Jump Capital, Block.one, Uncorrelated Ventures, Mehta Ventures and Alex Pack, and the returning investors such as Coinbase Ventures and Polychain Capital.
December 19, 2020

Introducing more dynamic Margin on CoinDCX Pro

CoinDCX has adopted dynamic and automated algorithms to calculate leverage on CoinDCX's Margin to help traders manage their risks in situations where the trading volume is low, volatility is high, and the markets are illiquid.
December 10, 2020

CoinDCX Pro Adds New Features To Improve Users’ Security

CoinDCX adds a new security feature of address management to improve security on the platform. Users can now enable “Trusted Wallet Transactions” to protect their funds at all times.
November 26, 2020

CoinDCX Pro Promises to Launch ETH-backed Token on Reaching $1 Million in Eth2 Staking

CoinDCX is preparing to launch an ecosystem on Eth2 including the launch of a token backed 1:1 by Ethereum. But there is a condition.
November 11, 2020

Crypto Wali Diwali – Jeetein 5 ETH

Snapshot Mega Lucky Draw – 4 lucky winners get 1 ETH each Muhurat Trading on CoinDCX – Zero Trading Fee on all INR markets, 1 Lucky […]
November 11, 2020

A Dive into Ethereum 2.0 and CoinDCX Pro’s Support to its Users

With Phase 0 of Eth2 round the corner, Neeraj, the co-founder of CoinDCX, has penned down his views on Eth2 and how CoinDCX could help users be a part of the staking
October 28, 2020

Learn How a Cryptocurrency is Created and its Types

Curious about how cryptocurrency tokens or altcoins are generated? Read to find out the difference between mineable and non-mineable cryptocurrencies from the best crypto trading platform on the block, CoinDCX!
October 28, 2020

How do cryptocurrency transactions work?

Discover what goes on behind the scenes in bitcoin transactions and learn the entire process of transacting cryptocurrencies on the top crypto exchange
October 28, 2020

Now Short 33 New Cryptos On CoinDCX’s Margin

CoinDCX is now offering shorting options on 33 new digital assets in 66 markets (BTC and USDT) on CoinDCX. Users can now maximize their gains by using such complex trading strategies on one of the most sophisticated trading platforms across the world.