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New Year Countdown Carnival

New Year Countdown Carnival

We cannot thank you enough for staying with us throughout the year. It’s December and the year is coming to an end! So, celebrate with your loved ones and welcome 2022 with CoinDCX’s New Year Countdown Carnival.

CoinDCX brings you voucher baskets worth up to INR 2000! The basket is loaded with offers from your favorite brands like Ovenstory,, Bare Anatomy, and more! Become a part of the New Year Countdown Carnival from December 24, 2021(12:00:00 AM), to December 31, 2021(11:59:59 PM) and you’d be in for a treat!

Join the party and enjoy the gifts from us in just a few easy steps:

Step 1: Deposit an amount of exactly INR 1221 in your CoinDCX wallet within the offer period*

Step 2: Place order(s) worth a minimum of INR 1221 within the offer period*

Step 3: And Voila! You are eligible for an exciting Voucher basket!**

We hope your year-end shopping list is ready because we are ready to dispatch all our baskets. Don’t forget to share about the New year countdown carnival with your friends, because the more the merrier!

**Please Note: The offer is applicable once per user and the Voucher Basket will be shared within 4-5 business days after the offer period


Q.1. *What is the offer period?

The New Year Countdown Carnival begins from 24th Dec’21, 12:00:00 AM to 31st Dec’21, 11:59:59 PM

Q.2.  What do I need to do to be eligible* for the vouchers?

Make a fresh deposit of exactly INR 1221 on the CoinDCX wallet within the offer period and place your order(s) of a minimum of INR 1221 after the deposit within the offer period to become eligible. *T&Cs Apply.

Q.3. When will the vouchers be credited?

All contest vouchers to the eligible participants will be distributed within 4-5 business days after the end of the offer period.

Q.4. How will the vouchers be credited?

It will be sent to your registered email within the above-mentioned period.

Q.5. Where can we redeem the vouchers?

You can redeem the vouchers on the merchant websites. 

Q.6. What is the validity of the vouchers?

It’s valid up to 90 days from the date of issue.

Q7. How many vouchers can be redeemed at once?

You will receive a voucher basket up to worth INR 2000/- and the vouchers can be redeemed at the partnered merchant/brand websites from the date issued within 90 days based on the user requirements.

Q8. What merchants can the vouchers be redeemed at?

You can redeem the vouchers from the basket at Hammer, BareAnatomy, Cultfit, Ovenstory.

Q.9 How many times can I be eligible for the offer?

Users will be eligible to receive the vouchers basket only once.

Q.10 Can I place Multiple Orders?

Yes, you can place multiple orders in the same/different markets but the total worth of your transaction during the offer period should be a minimum of INR 1221.

Q.11. Are there any terms and conditions involved?

Please click here for T&C


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