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Market Maker Program 2021 I Zero Fee Trading on Cryptocurrency

Cryptos have dominantly taken up a considerable amount of our news space in the past couple of years. And why not! The development within the decade-old space has changed the possibilities in the Finance sector forever!

As a pioneer in the crypto space, we want to humbly thank our customers who are dedicated investors and traders. Your unhinged belief in our CoinDCX Pro crypto exchange along with your thorough support has made our journey such a memorable one since its inception in 2018. 

As a token of our appreciation and as we keep striving towards improving our services for users as well as bring more liquidity to our exchange, we are back with our Crypto Market Makers Program. In the past few months, CoinDCX Pro has not only emerged as the most liquid cryptocurrency market in India but the volumes have also topped to a whopping $150M! Nothing would have been possible if we did not have high-volume cryptocurrency traders like yourself with us. 

What is the CoinDCX Pro Crypto Market Makers program?

The Crypto Market Making program comprises premium fee benefits on the CoinDCX Pro platform for maintaining the liquidity and spread of the books. Through this program, we offer a 0% maker fee to all the traders who will be joining the MM program for the 1st month. Not only that, if the participants can successfully maintain the below-mentioned criteria, their offer for 0% maker fees, would extend for another 12 months.

The popular success of the crypto market-making program in the previous years has garnered another such window. Thus, on popular demand, the Market Maker program is back on CoinDCX Pro and this time it promises to be bigger and better.

Note: Taker fees for the above offer would remain the same based on the criteria mentioned below. By default all the fees would lie in the first criteria, additional fees difference would be distributed to the users based on the criteria they will be finalized at the end of the month.

Who is eligible for the program?

The eligibility criteria for the CoinDCX Pro crypto MM program are simple. The participant:

INR Pairs

Fee Offered



USDT,BTC Maker: 7.5 bps
Taker: 10 bps
<= 50 bps
85% of the times
3k USDT on each side
Maker: 3.5 bps
Taker:7.5 bps
<= 50 bps
85% of the times
5k USDT on each side
Maker: 3.5 bps
Taker: 5 bps
<= 25 bps
85% of the times
10k USDT on each side

Along with the above-mentioned points, there are various premium benefits that the Market Makers do enjoy:

The CoinDCX Pro crypto market-making (MM)program is an invite-only program with limited entries. Please apply using the form below to get in touch.

Crypto Market Maker Form

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