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Insta turns Two. Get 2X Reward

Insta turns 2



  1. Insta Turns 2. Traders will get 2x reward.
  2. Trade for X amount. Get fee rebate for 2X trading volume.
  3. Insta sees 2X growth in users since the Supreme Court’s decision.


Grab the biggest trading offer in town as our flagship product, Insta turns 2. We are running a week-long exclusive offer wherein users will receive guaranteed 2X rewards. The offer is applicable to both existing and new users. There’s no minimum purchase value and users can avail the offer by buying crypto for any amount they wish. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy any amount of crypto on Insta between August 15 to August 22, 2020 and get a “Free Trade” Voucher
  2. A free trade voucher gives you an opportunity to trade with Zero Fees for a fixed Trade Volume. Here free trade volume is calculated as
    Free Trade Volume = Total Buy Volume On Insta x 2
  3. We will send you the voucher on August 23, 2020, in your email address associated with CoinDCX. This voucher can be used on Spot and Margin by CoinDCX.
  4. The voucher is valid from August 24 to September 24, 2020
  5. All the rebates will be processed after 7 working days from September 25, 2020, i.e. on October 1, 2020.

For example, if you buy BTC, ETH, or any crypto for 10 BTC in between August 15 – August 22, 2020, you will get a 100% trading fee rebate for the trading volume of 20 BTC you do on Spot and Margin for the next one month.

Having seen 2x in growth since the Supreme Court lifted the banking ban, Insta has become India’s most trusted and busiest fiat-crypto gateway. Today, more than 40,000 customers buy and sell cryptos with INR on Insta daily. Insta continues to be a major pillar of our wider crypto adoption initiative, #TryCrypto, which aims to onboard 50 million crypto users and unlock the potential of cryptocurrency to the Indian market. To celebrate Insta’s second anniversary, we are announcing this offer, especially for our community.


This is a limited period offer. Please see the full Terms & Conditions below.


Most Commonly Asked Questions:

When will I receive the voucher? 
You will receive the voucher on August 23, 2020.

How will I receive the certificate and the voucher?
We will email you the certificate and the voucher on your email id which is associated with your CoinDCX account.

Till when is this voucher valid?
The voucher is valid from August 24 to September 24, 2020.

When will I receive my reward/rebate?
You will receive your reward after 7 working days from September 25, 2020, i.e. on October 1, 2020.

On which products is the offer applicable? 
The offer is applicable only on Insta from August 15 to August 22, 2020.

Is the offer applicable on Selling Cryptos on Insta?
No, only the cryptocurrencies you have bought in the mentioned time period will be taken into consideration to evaluate the trading volume of your voucher.

On which CoinDCX products is the voucher applicable?
The rebate on the voucher is applicable to CoinDCX products wherever you can trade cryptocurrencies which are Spot and Margin.

Can sub-accounts avail this offer? 
Yes, if you buy cryptos on Insta in the mentioned time period from your sub-accounts, sub-accounts will also get the rewards.

Is there a limit on the reward/rebate I will be receiving?
No, there are no limits to the reward/rebate you will be receiving. Buy as much as you want and get reward for double the volume you have bought.

Insta’s journey so far

Insta, CoinDCX’s best-performing crypto trading product, was launched on 15 August 2018, and has grown to become India’s preferred fiat-to-crypto gateway via Indian Rupees (INR). Users can purchase 100+ cryptocurrencies for as little as Rs 10 instantly, at competitive prices with close to zero deposit and withdrawal fees through CoinDCX’s proprietary liquidity aggregation model. Funds on Insta are also protected through CoinDCX’s best-in-industry security measures. Today, Insta is offering fiat to crypto conversions in a matter of minutes with almost zero fees. It has become a dynamic place that has brought the buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency under the same roof. The platform is completely automated which removes the need of the middlemen. This nullifies the costs of conversions and simultaneously holds the power of conducting millions of transactions per second. Insta’s secure infrastructure also brings a massive amount of trust within the ecosystem because and therefore, the chances of fraud abate. India has trusted Insta for its instant deposit and withdrawals, security, easiness in using, and all this with a negligible fee. 

Following the enactment of a banking ban on the cryptocurrency industry imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in April 2018, CoinDCX first pioneered peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading through Insta, delivering Indian users maximum value with the access to over 100 of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the global market. CoinDCX was the first Indian exchange to integrate formal banking support when the ban was eventually lifted by the Supreme Court in March 2020, allowing Indian users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly with INR on Insta. The crypto exchange reported a 3x quarter-over-quarter growth in trading volume, and a 4x quarter-over-quarter growth in daily active users in Q3 of 2020.  

The two-year milestone of Insta comes off the back of the latest crypto staking product by CoinDCX, “Stake by CoinDCX” which will propel digital asset adoption by offering new opportunities for passive wealth accumulation on a number of cryptocurrencies. The exchange also launched DCX Learn, an educational platform dedicated to educating mainstream audiences on digital assets earlier this year, as part of its wider #TryCrypto initiative that aims to onboard 50 million Indian users into the cryptocurrency market.

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