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CoinDCX Referral Program: Get Your Access Today!


The crypto world is being shaped by people like you who believe in its potential. To help build your squad in the crypto world and make earnings along the way, we present, ‘CoinDCX Referral program’ !

What is the CoinDCX Referral Program?

Every time your friend trades on CoinDCX, you will get 50% commission with our CoinDCX Referral Program.

How does it work?

Every time your friend buys or sells a crypto asset, 50% of their transaction fee will be credited to your INR wallet as commission!

For example:

If your friend pays ₹1000 in transaction fee, you will get ₹500 as commission!

Benefits of CoinDCX Referral Program

  1. Daily Payouts: Commissions will be credited every day if your friends have traded on CoinDCX.
  2. Lifetime Earnings: Every time your friend trades on our app, you will receive commissions for lifetime!
  3. Unlimited Referrals: There is no limit on the no. of friends you can invite.

Who is eligible for the Referral Program?

Only users who have completed their account verification and have made their 1st crypto investment will receive access to the CoinDCX Referral Program.

If you fall in this category, your referral access will be updated within 48 working hours. Keep an eye on your notifications!

Until then, keep sharing your crypto love! 

Team CoinDCX

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