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Ticker data is a real-time, streaming data that is used to track the price of different tokens in Crypto market. Ticker data is updated in real-time, and it can provide a great deal of insight into the performance of an asset.

It includes information such as bid, highest and lowest values in the past 24 hours, and the time of the last trade. This data can be used to track the performance of an asset over time, and can also be used to identify potential opportunities in the market.

You can use the following endpoint to pull Ticker data using CoinDCX API:

The CoinDCX Ticker API endpoint, gives you the following information:

marketIndicates the market for which the ticker data is generated.
change_24_hourIndicates the change in rates in the past 24 hours.
highHighest value in the past 24 hours.
lowLowest value in the past 24 hours.
volumeTrading volume of the market in the past 24 hours.
last_priceValue of the market when the ticker was generated.
bidThe highest bid offer in the order book.
askThe highest ask offer in the order book.
timestampTime at which the ticker was generated.