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Error Codes and Resolution

Error CodeDescriptionCausesResolution
400Bad RequestThe Invalid request response can either be caused by Invalid URL or a Temperory Server Errors.You can use the following methods to resolve a 400 error:
  • Check the request URL.
  • If the Bad request error is caused due to servers, you can hit the request again after a few minutes.
401UnauthorizedYou can receive an Unauthorized error response in case your API key is wrong.Check you API key, and send the request again.
404Not Found404 is a link could not be found error. This error can occur due to mistyping of the URL or an unstable internet connectivity.To resolve this error,
  • Check the request URL
  • Check the internet connectivity
429Too many requests - You are making too many API CallsCoinDCX API has a 100 requests per minute. If you are sending more requests than that in a minute, this error will occur.To resolve this error, please check the number of requests being sent per minute and adjust them according to the rate limits.
500Internal Server ErrorAs the name suggestests, this response indicates an Internal server error.For resolution, wait for a few seconds and send the request again. If not resolved, please reach out to us.
503Service UnavailableThis error will be caused if there are any scheduled maintenance activities going on.Please refer to our announcement blogs and announcement emails to know about any scheduled maintenance downtime.